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  1. Do Not Disturb: We've packed our bags and gone to Tinian!
    Do Not Disturb: We've packed our bags and gone to Tinian!
    Where the heck is Tinian? It is one of the three principal islands of the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands in between Guam and Japan. It is a whopping 39 sq miles. What brings us across the globe to this small, sought after destination in the North Atlantic Ocean are towers, of course. We are replacing 22 guy wires at the International Broadcasting Bureau. Don't feel bad for us, we will be slaving away while overlooking the breathtaking beaches of this gorgeous tropical island. April 2017
  2. We didn't go to South Carolina for their peaches!
    We didn't go to South Carolina for their peaches!
    Did you know that South Carolina is best known for their abundant peaches? We didn't go there for their decadent peaches, however, we just finished up a 3 month project in Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina where we changed out 10 guy wires on a 1034-Ft Guyed Tower. March 2017
  3. Just another day....
    Just another day....
    South Dakota is home of the famous Mt. Rushmore but it is also home to a 1087-ft tower. In October a few of our crewmen traversed over the rugged South Dakota terrain to Pierre where we quickly changed out a wire on this tall radio tower. And we're off again...October 2016
  4. What can I say, we are skilled and simply diverse
    What can I say, we are skilled and simply diverse
    Dolan Springs, Arizona was no match for us. Up a windy, rugged, tire eating old logging road we found a 1279-ft American Tower that just needed a bit of love. With a new high intensity LED light installation, this old gal once again shines bright in the sweet Arizona sun. I wish I could say the same for our truck and trailer! September 2016
  5. Gorgeous New England
    Gorgeous New England
    If viewed our picture on our home page, you caught a glimpse of where we were fortunate enough to plant our feet for a few months. Breath taking Cutler, Maine is home to a handfull of stunning US Navy VLF towers which stand tall among Machias Bay. We replaced halyards on a few towers and washed away the salty sea with a new splash of paint! August 2016
  6. We love what we do and we are good at it!
    We love what we do and we are good at it!
    We are truly honored to have been awarded the opportunity to show off our skills on a diversity of tower projects and locations during 2016. There wasn't a season of stand still for our energized crews. We kept pace as we fared the treacherous seas and stormy gales off the coast of La Push, basked in the desert basin of Arizona, all the way to the great states of the South Carolina, South Dakota,Florida, Michigan, Alaska, Idaho, Colorado, California and onto the picturesque waterways of Maine. There really is no job to far, to high, to complex for our unique crew of hardworking professionals.
  7. Hawaiian Ocean View
    Hawaiian Ocean View
    Kalaeloa, means "long point" in Hawaiian and is the native name for what is now called Barbers Point. In 1941 Barbers Point was of the targets during the attack on Pearl Harbor. Our crew was dazzled over the salty ocean breeze and the magnificent view offered from on top of this tower.
  8. Quite the Operation Going
    Quite the Operation Going
    We are basking in the blue skies of Maine...again. We just couldn't stay away. This time we upped our operation with the addition of two man hoists. These things are a beast. Cutler, ME August 2017
  9. Leaving on a Grumman cougar
    Leaving on a Grumman cougar
    Sometimes you just have to hitch a ride with any old "puddle jumper" who is going your way. Off we went to the home of the great endangered San Clemente Island loggerhead shrike. Although we didn't show up with our binoculars and bird book in tow, we did enjoy the sights that this uninhabited island offered from the Navy towers.
  10. Helping to rebuild after Hurricane Harvey
    Helping to rebuild after Hurricane Harvey
    After Hurricane Harvey devastated Texas, Steve Lemay and crew were ready to step in to rebuild a fallen tower. These were right guys for the job! With our experience crossing challenging waterways, we packed up our pontoon boat and picked our way to the shore of a remote island off the main land of Corpus Christi, Texas 2017

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